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We want our Community to be happy, healthy, and full of life. That’s why we aim to offer a holistic catalogue of services that meets the needs of everyone. Whether a star athlete or a loving grandfather. 

COVID-19 Tests

With a raging pandemic, get certified to fly with Accu Diagnostics.

metabolic Tests

Need a check up? Come See US!

DNA Paternity Tests

Be sure that you are the father. Get tested if you're in doubt.

Medical Certificates

Applying for residency? We are the number one facilitators of medical applications

STD Screening

The best sex is safe and responsible sex. Get tested to know your status.

Food Handler's Certificate

Become a caterer or food handler today!

Drug Tests

Do you need to make sure your employees are clean? Let's get them tested!

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At Accu Diagnostics, we strive to lead the market in all things diagnostics, raising the bar at every turn. 

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We’re here to help you with any concern you may have, urgent or otherwise. Simply visit our office today and let us know what’s going on. 

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Best Practices

To ensure that we maintain our high standard, we only employ the best practices in the industry. In addition to that, we maintain a high level of consistency across the board. You can trust that our results are are accurate and reliable. 

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We’re open from 9am to 5pm on weekdays, and from 10am to 2pm on Weekends.

COVID-19 RT-PCR tests are $150.00 and Antigen tests are $35.00 at any of our locations. We also offer At-Home visits for both PCR tests (add. $15.00), and Antigen tests (add. $10.00).

Our antigen tests results are emailed within 30 minutes (may be up to 2 hours depending on volume). 

Our PCR test results are emailed within 24 hours. This can be same night or next morning.

All other laboratory tests vary from 1 week to 6 weeks. 

Our COVID-19 tests are available as both appointments and walk-ins. 

All other laboratory tests require an appointment set at least one (1) week in advance.

We’re striving to keep up with modern times and upgrading our results delivery system for all our services to the online modality.

Right now, our COVID-19 test results, are primarily sent via email and are available in print form if requested. 

Our other laboratory reports may be sent via email or may require you to come and collect the official report. 


Once you are positive your information is submitted to the ministry of health (per their protocol). You should be contacted with 72 hours of testing positive by a case worker/contact tracer and given further instructions.

Please visit the for more information.

We provide a variety of other services in addition to COVID-19 testing such as STD screening, metabolic function testing, pregnancy tests (HcG blood test), and much more. Visit our services page to learn more. 

Our COVID-19 tests normally take 5-15 minutes depending on party size.

Our other laboratory services vary based on client interview and scope of work to be done, but can rage from 15-45 minutes. 

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